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Product launch: the most interesting and effective team building!

While regular team building trainings often evolve around imagining how to respond to stress, playing escape rooms can make people actually experience stress, pressure and tension and let them afterwards evaluate how they reacted on it "

-Kaszás, 2017

The method developed by us combines the practicality of business, playfullness of games and creativity of arts.

Our training and workshops are designed with the experts of escape rooms, business training and consulting. We have polished the packages ready in collaboration with Concordia Ltd: one of the industry leaders in the fields of Organisational Development, Change Management and Culture Change. They have solid expertise from 30 years in Hungary and abroad coaching and training companies.

They ain’t kidding with their mission:

“We aim to enable our partners to turn their organisations into a more efficient, financially more successful, yet more personal place to work and live in, and to achieve this change by developing and actively involving all stakeholders, both individuals and groups.

We believe that there needs to be a long term equilibrium among the interests of organisations, their employees and their clients. We seek to promote a harmonic co-development of individuals, groups and the organisation along a shared set of values.

We focus on creating value and therefore make sure our programs have objectively measurable results.”

Our main goal was to provide an entertaining and also instructive concept where you can learn about yourself in general and about your formed role as a team member. Not much has changed since we left childhood. Making progress is still easier in a fun, reassured environment and the best base for that is a room escape game. Why? First of all because it’s fun, your colleagues can recreate without any pressure and helps them to leave behind the everyday problems.

As the door closes and the game starts our trainer is constantly observing the events happening in the room. This provides a wonderful take-off and later feedback for the team.

Just as in real life the key to success is problem-solving and communication, of-course. Knowing that there is only 1 hour to get out of the room gives extra pressure, such as a short deadline can.

With the help of our trainers we can easily point out the pitfalls of communication and afterwards during the workshop with various different techniques those can be corrected.

Here in a sterile environment it’s easier to see how we behave under pressure. Many times we just stick with our same-old methods regardless of its successfulness. With very easy ways we can change our point of view and start thinking outside the box.

We think that problems do not exist. Only tasks to solve and that there are numerous ways to solve them. During our room escape teambuilding your colleagues can experience and adopt new elements in their way of thinking which improves problem-solving and communication skills.

The gained knowledge from the training exercises can be easily and immediately used at work and in business life.

We want want to give a big up to Mitzi Geluk from NHTV University in Amsterdam, who just completed her academic thesis on Corporate team building and escape rooms! The cooperation with Mitzi and InsideOut Escape Games was very inspirational and we are proud to include some of her insights gained from the academic thesis in our team building products!

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