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Escape to Moscow – InsideOut creative team on the move!

It was just another rainy evening in Helsinki when Agnes, the founder of InsideOut Escape Games was doing research on the new trends in the Escape Industry. (Check out a cool blog!)

It didn't take many minutes until she had seduced concept designers Inna and Anna, to jump on a train to Moscow!

After numerous cups of tea on a 14hr train and many inspiring discussions, we arrived to Moscow.

Continue reading to find out more about the highlights of our Moscow trip!


- Real immersive theatre, mind-blowing acting, mansion of tens of rooms, pure WOW

One of the reasons why InsideOut was ever founded was Agnes's experience at Sleep No More in New York years ago. We had super high expectations when going to see this show. Need to say, this surpassed all expectations. High-quality actors, super impressive sets, amazing details and stories. We were let in one by one and wondered around an old mansion filled with tragedies, love, passion, hatred and secrets. This experience again showed us what immersive theatre is in its best: a life-changing experience.


Go there! GO! See their webpage for more info!


- Action games meet escape games on the next level!

"Action game is a unique mixture of sport obstacles and logical mind-teasers connected with one idea. During the game you will find yourself in another person's life, or get to a new fantastic world where your mission will be to pass all challenges and tasks. Like in Fort Boyard treasure house our games will force your heart to beat faster and your body to produce more adrenalin. However, everyone will be able to manage with it. The most important thing is to fight to the finish!"

And boy did we fight! Climbing, crawling, darkness, narrow places, tunnels, claustrophobic cubicles, a wayyy-too-long-bathtub-must-be-a-dream, and a lot of adrenaline! We all exceeded ourselves more than many times. WHOAH. Big thumbs up for these guys, who wanted to do something else than just escape games, well done! Still feeling the thrill!

See their webpage for more!


- actors in the game, impressive set design, exciting technology, total immersion!

First we got in the middle of a Zombie Shopping Mall. With real Zombies! We would've been very close to saving the world and escaping from an actual supermarket, if somebody, not me, no, not me, wouldn't have started to cry after 1,5 minutes because of the totally beautifully created very thick atmosphere. Well, in the end we did escape the zombies! Oh wait. There were no zombies as they were asked to go home this time. Just telling you: be aware! This was supposed to be not that bad, so don't want to even know what happens in those games where players get chained, leave with bruises and get knives on their skin...

Their other game sucked us into a laboratory with a real time machine. Must say, we all were left totally mesmerized by their skills in experience design. Total recommendation if you love total immersion, clever puzzles and very very real thick atmosphere. (Check them out at Tripadvisor!)


- A factory devoted for escape games!

We were hosted by lovely ALexandr Girshfeld who showed us around in their factory. What else can you hope for: own rooms for woodwork, electricians, programmers, artists, painting, packing! It all happens here. They have built an impressive number of over 120 escape rooms to be shipped all over the world and they do very important work of sharing the knowledge on the field.

Check out their Youtube channel!


- Europe's biggest labyrinth!

Wow! This place blew our mind with their amazing customer service and enthusiasm in building sceneries. See their pictures in the slideshow below. It is unbelievable how sucked and stuck you might get in your own mind a labyrinth made of mirrors.

Check out their page here!

After the action-packed days, we had a moment of sightseeing at Red Square before we really had to escape Moscow. The escape included a very damn adrenaline packed running-filled escaping from wrong streets, wrong metro stations, wrong street corners and finally a wrong train station. 23:09:52 we reached our train that left 23:10:00.

...Well played! Thank you for all the amazing people who hosted us, we will be back!

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