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Customized festival gameformance at Sideways Festival!

​At Sideways Festival we did something brand new and really cool and super-hip! Iis it hip to say "hip" nowadays?). Our concept developers Inna Huttunen and Agnes Kaszas customized our “Escape Anywhere” into a Sideways festival -game called “Mr. Bear’s Afterparty” and it was a success!

The party was guaranteed until our beloved Mr. Bear found himself stuck in the Museum when he was supposed to be organizing the VIP-party.. The legendary afterparty was in danger as things were going horribly wrong. Luckily we had tens of super amazing teams who managed to save the party in groups of 5, just in 20 minutes!

Our "Escape anywhere" is a mix of room escape and immersive theatre made to puzzle your mind and tickle your senses! This time "Mr. Bear's Afterparty" was realized in Kellohalli for 2 days and played by 100 people total. The feedback was great and you better be sure that we keep on creating customized games for many other occasions too!

A very special guest - our founder/owner/designer/professional actress, the one and only Agnes Kaszas, was the lead actress in the performance in the performance, and she rocked it!

We were very honoured to have awesome artists collaborating with us on Mr. Bear's Afterparty.

Sofi Häkkinen is a multi-talented contemporary artist, who works with sculpture, painting, animation, drawing, video, installation and performance. The pop up exhibition in Kellohalli was a mixture of old and new paintings, curated for InsideOut’s location. You can check out her other works at, or holla for your own portrait or dream island painting:

The guys behind the music used in our gameformance are Serot ! A fresh act fusing organic human groove and electronic instruments together. Serot is three guys with

diverse musical backgrounds and visions but common love for house, jazz and techno music that came together to experiment through their individual skills and chart new musical territory. Serot aims to explore interesting ways to combine and harmonize elements of a band

performance with DJ-culture. Check out the magnificent trio on Youtube: and on Facebook:

Also big thanks to the whole team: Aino Junttila, Hannah Hietala, Anna Pesonen and for all the people at Teurastamo and Sideways who made the event unforgettable!

Read more of Escape Anywhere.

And check out Sideways:

1st and 3rd Picture by Feng Deng

Other pictures by Aino Junttila and Hannah Hietala

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